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Writer & Editor

Hello! My name is Neha (Nay-ha) Patel. I'm a writer, editor, and sensitivity reader who enjoys helping subject matter experts and fellow writers articulate complex (and not-so complex) information for their readers. 

Why Hire Me?
I have over 5 years of experience as a writer & editor. My credentials include: 
Check out my résumé for more information.
Writing & Editing

I've written deliverables that contain STEM- and humanities-related information. I've edited 800-word, keyword-targeted articles on bioplastics and 100,000-word novels about dragons.

Sensitivity Reading
I've conducted sensitivity reads on everything from TTRPG character profiles to full-length novels. I don't censor writers but rather partner with them to ensure accurate and sensitive representation.
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My writing experiences include technical writing, copywriting, grant writing, and manual writing. I can work with style guides and subject matter experts to write short- and long-form content for targeted audiences to communicate all sorts of information. 


I've been an Editorial Assistant for two publications and currently work as an in-house Medical Editor. I know what it takes to write, edit, and schedule deliverables for print and web publication using style guides. Communication and version control are key here. 

Sensitivity Reading

As an Indian woman, I understand the power of sensitive representation. If you have elements of Indian culture in your manuscript and want an own voices take, please reach out for a consult.

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